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Trazling is the creation of the Traci Harding Community Message board. Traci is the author of the best selling Ancient Future trilogies, and her fans visit the community daily. Trazling was conceived when one of the community members was reported defending Tracis honour. He was at once dubbed a Knight, which spurned the suggestion of our own realm.

The citizens of Trazling are a tight knit community, however we do welcome visitors that happen to stumble across our Realm.   Since it's conception in 2003, Trazing has grown from a small group, into a thriving community, with members from across the globe dropping in regularly.   Please feel free to introduce yourself to the locals and of course to Traci, who visits the realm daily. .  You can take a tour of our fine realm, and view pictures created both by Traci, as well as from our many talented members.  Pull up a stool at the Shi Lotus Inn, and chat to the regulars, or just  join in the discussions on our Forum, better known as Trazling Village


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